On Monday 3th of June, Apple released the anticipated and highly speculated iOS 7. The OS used by tens of millions people around the globe received a massive visual overhaul. Many agree that iOS from 1.0 (called iPhone OS back then) all the way through 6.0 had remained mostly the same in the way of look and feel, so it could be said that it was time for refresh. Unlike OS X, which has received mainly incremental visual updates during the 12 years of its existence, Apple took a much more drastic step with the 6-year-old iOS. It probably wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the first major design initiative Apple has taken in post-Jobs era.

Backpedaling on the Metro UI

Reports from a couple of different forums from this past weekend raised the possibility that Microsoft might be moving toward allowing users to skip booting into the Metro-Style Start menu and instead start their PCs in desktop mode. (Winbeta.org noted the thread about this on April 14.)

One of my sources confirmed this is now looking like the plan and added that Microsoft is also considering bringing back the Start button as an option with Windows Blue.

Shocking (…not really).


Welcome to the redesigned Kutomo.

I have not been blogging for a good while, partly because I have wanted to redesign and rethink the whole thing, and partly because I’m just a lazy writer. My old blog had been running on Tumblr since 2008. Tumblr as a platform has served me well, and I haven’t been bothered by occasional downtimes or functionality changes.

Tumblr has improved drastically from the days when I first built my blog on it. Today it has beautifully designed multi-platform blogging apps and thriving community. However, like with many things recently, I wanted to gain more control of my blog. I didn’t want to be tied anymore to a company / product that basically could be gone the next day. I got scared of the disappearance of products I used to rely on.1 I didn’t want to have all my content in someone else’s control. I wanted to have plain-text copies of everything I write, and preferably plain-text (or markdown) writing should be part of the blogging process.

Today Kutomo is self-hosted and running on fantastic Octopress blogging framework. Octopress is based on Jekyll, a static site generator, but bringing few additional niceties into the mix. One of those is responsive design. Try visiting Kutomo.com with your iOS or Android device and it should look equally nice on each of those, although personally I really dig how this site looks on retina iPad (dem pixels!).

I’m hoping everything works as before, and I haven’t broken anything in the migration process. If you experience any weirdnesses with the new site or the RSS feed, please let me know.

I’m thinking of writing a bit more about the migration from Tumblr to Octopress (oh the pain) in the future posts. Also deployment of Octopress could be a topic of an interest for some folks.

But for the time being, enjoy the new Kutomo!

  1. I’m looking at you Sparrow and Google Reader

iPhone 5 - First Impressions

After few hours of using the brand-spanking-new iPhone 5 (black 16 GB) here are some of the first things I’ve noticed. Most of these are in comparison to my old iPhone 4.

  • Tallphone is tall. I hope iPhone wont get bigger display than this. I can reach the top corners of the screen with my thumb, but just barely.
  • But at the same time super light. In some situations feels almost smaller in hand than iPhone 4.
  • Stunning display. Better colors, better contrast - and yes - in many cases those few additional fractions of an inch do help. Horizontal web browsing in full-screen mode is a big win.
  • Everything is so much faster. The OS, the 3G (2-3 Mbps with old iPhone 4 vs. ~10 Mbps with iPhone 5), and even the WiFi (jumped from ~20 Mbps to 40 Mbps at my home).
  • No scuffs yet, but I can imagine the reflecting edge of the frame can get scratches.
  • New earbuds are an improvement both comfortability-wise and audio quality. Wouldn’t buy these separately but decent set of earbuds to ship with the phone. Big fan of the bottom location of the headphone connector.

So far iPhone 5 looks like a great upgrade for anyone using iPhone 4 (or even older model).


Nokia N9 is a gorgeous looking phone challenging even iPhone 4 in elegance. And the N9’s software (Meego Harmattan OS) is really designed to go along with the hardware.

"N9 vs iPhone vs N8"

I had chance to play briefly with Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia. It had essentially the same design as N9 but slightly smaller screen and no front facing camera.

WP7 OS was buttery smooth and there were no sign of software quirks which are sometimes an issue with Meego OS. However Lumia 800 does feel more like an another Windows Phone rather than something refreshingly new as N9.

I hope Nokia keeps providing support and bug fixes for N9 which seems to be even developing a small fan base. There are definitely people who are looking for something bit different in the world of Androids and Apples, and N9 is an attractive candidate.