iPad 2 Wish List

iPad 2 Wish List

As a former owner of iPad I have couple of wishes for the next version:

  • Lighter weight. When reading books/comics for a longer time especially in a bed the weight can really become an issue with the current model. Come on, I can afford either iPad or a gym card, not both.
  • FaceTime! FaceTime!! FACETIME!!
  • Higher resolution display.

I am quite sure we will see 1 & 2 happening with the next version. Increasing the resolution however might be trickier than it sounds since iOS doesn’t seem to scale very easily. For example iPhone 4 has exactly 2x the resolution of previous model and this made scaling of the UI much more easier to accomplish. Similar jump in resolution is unfortunately not very likely in iPad’s case.

Hopefully all the mysteries will be revealed in early Spring.

PS. Yes, I am attempting to update this blog more often from now on.