Hello there.

I've decided to switch my (long-dead) blog's platform from Hugo to self-hosted Ghost instance.

There was lot to like with Hugo, it being in my opinion one of the most flexible and easy-to-setup static-site generators. Hugo embraces the command-line and pure markdown plaintext files. But as I've mostly transitioned my computing to iPad Pro (might write something about this change too) blogging via CLI is no longer the most accessible method for me. Yes there are terminal emulators available for iOS (my favourite being Blink), but with touch interface those just feel clunky. So I hoped to find a platform with a nice web based publishing UI, and good support for markdown.

So far Ghost has delivered. And setting up an instance was super easy.


Perhaps its foolish to think the switch of platform makes me write and post more often, but at least I have no longer excuse "I'm not at my Mac at the moment" (which seems to be more and more the case for me these days).