iMac vs MacBook Pro

I’m having a struggle.

I’ve been using only laptops for four years now. I just sold my 2 year old Core Duo MacBook to upgrade to Core 2 Duo Mac. Question is do I really need a laptop when I mainly use my computer at home. My previous laptop was basically just sitting on a desk, I didn’t carry it around much at all.

Now I’m considering iMac as an option for my next Mac. I realized iMac is basically a laptop hiding in a desktop computer’s casing. It’s built from laptop components and it packs only slightly more punch than for example MacBook Pro. I would get a nice screen with 24 inch iMac, but at least with a laptop I would have an option to pick it up and use it on the road if I need to.

…oh man… maybe I should’ve stuck with my old MacBook.