iPhone 5 - First Impressions

After few hours of using the brand-spanking-new iPhone 5 (black 16 GB) here are some of the first things I’ve noticed. Most of these are in comparison to my old iPhone 4.

  • Tallphone is tall. I hope iPhone wont get bigger display than this. I can reach the top corners of the screen with my thumb, but just barely.
  • But at the same time super light. In some situations feels almost smaller in hand than iPhone 4.
  • Stunning display. Better colors, better contrast - and yes - in many cases those few additional fractions of an inch do help. Horizontal web browsing in full-screen mode is a big win.
  • Everything is so much faster. The OS, the 3G (2-3 Mbps with old iPhone 4 vs. ~10 Mbps with iPhone 5), and even the WiFi (jumped from ~20 Mbps to 40 Mbps at my home).
  • No scuffs yet, but I can imagine the reflecting edge of the frame can get scratches.
  • New earbuds are an improvement both comfortability-wise and audio quality. Wouldn’t buy these separately but decent set of earbuds to ship with the phone. Big fan of the bottom location of the headphone connector.

So far iPhone 5 looks like a great upgrade for anyone using iPhone 4 (or even older model).