Nokia N9 is a gorgeous looking phone challenging even iPhone 4 in elegance. And the N9’s software (Meego Harmattan OS) is really designed to go along with the hardware.

I had chance to play briefly with Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia. It had essentially the same design as N9 but slightly smaller screen and no front facing camera.

WP7 OS was buttery smooth and there were no sign of software quirks which are sometimes an issue with Meego OS. However Lumia 800 does feel more like an another Windows Phone rather than something refreshingly new as N9.

I hope Nokia keeps providing support and bug fixes for N9 which seems to be even developing a small fan base. There are definitely people who are looking for something bit different in the world of Androids and Apples, and N9 is an attractive candidate.

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